Neural Melody

Discovering the beauty inside the neuron

“Neuron is the basic building cell. This very small unit, less big then one millimeter has very rich electrical characteristics.
It can calculate solutions for a sophisticated engineering problem or compose symphonies for orchestras by its own, before communicating with the network. It is already very powerful.
A powerful musical instrument, in and of itself.
The total musical composition of the result of many single rich instruments in which the collective creates a wondrous melody. But the melody is not a result of simple pieces that make up the brain. But rather, the simplest unit, the neuron, is complex”.

Idan Segev

Interactive cap-sense installation of aluminium sculptures about the controversial discussing and research on the theoretical “mind uploading” and the already experimented brain computerized models.

A visual and sound environment where to reflect on the smallest primary network that sounds the harmonies of our lives... with the eye on the transhuman technologies evolving.