The Internet of the Things for sharing information

#news is an interactive, networked, video and audio installation.

It is a playful mirror and a web application that suits for both public spaces and social participation.

It shows black and white, real-time, news from traditional media grabbed by worldwide RSS of the major world newspapers in the form of an environmental dynamic mirror.

The passage of the spectator produces an audio stream and transforms the shapes of her body reflected in the news’ mirror into multicolored words that are realtime streamed Twitter posts containing the hashtag #news.

The future of the Web is towards the opensource applications and the cloud database, the open archives universally accessible.
#news is the hybrid press/social of real time news from the Internet that reveals the contrast between news created by institutional sources counterposed to the ones made and discussed by the “multicolored” wave of people participating through social media conversation .

The metalanguage of the information society actors reveal the motion as a metaphor for a shift. A dynamic reflection towards the future of the web and of the social networks.