Social Media Augmented Reality Texture

"Architecture as epidermis must be elastic and flexible as our skin, able to exchange information with the external world."

Toyo Ito

An idea and concept by √isualpaco

#SMART is the cross-media multiplatform combining a mobile, opensource application, several interactive site-specific urban screens and a dynamic map aggregating local networks.

Social media activity, citizen journalism and news feeds become available in realtime inside the #SMART augmented mirror. It captures the interactions and the moving bodies of the passengers. Real and virtual users of the public space mix and share by instant writing and social media fitness through a hybrid concept among art, design and info-systems.

The #SMART urban screens are reflecting fragments of the city texture: each audiovisual installation is thematically georeferenced and contextualized by site-specific, selected hashtags. People experience their passage in front of the public installation through colored trails and sound interaction which attract their attention.

Their image is augmented with words composing the cloud of news and comments generated by other users. The movement in front of the mirror allows to decode post by post, the streaming of the specific area’s information.

Through the free mobile app, people share their instant writing, sms sized, showing a mobtag to an electronic eye. Furthermore, users download the RT news on a digital #SMART newspaper together with a screenshot of the augmented mirror.

The central hub installation, located into the heart of the hosting city (for instance the central station), feedbacks the activity gathered by the surrounding network’s nodes into a dynamic map.

The transmigration of local news and informations from paper to a participative hypermedia platform becomes free service and framework for public communication and urban ecology.

The glocal network #SMART translates city walls into dynamic digital graffiti.

Relevance of the solution for the city challenge

#SMART digitally augments the public space providing real-time and generative information shared by social media networks, instant writing and public communication through ludic and creative social participation. It represents, in this way, the challenge to render widespread the public communication across the metropolitan and city areas.

The hypermedia multiplatform becomes then a dynamic tool for digital inclusion and social participation by citizens, visitors and tourists improving and accelerating access to information. The opensource nature of the project aims to open a collaborative developing process together with the main territorial actors of the technological innovation: universities, research centers, hi-tech and sustainable energy industrial poles, local administrations, enterprises.
At this regard it is relevant the development of a framework for the sustainable economy based on the production, realization and maintenance of the cross-media system.

#SMART represents moreover an original and unconventional transmedia platform available as a free service for public communication and social media sharing. An Internet of Things and ludic-participative project that connects virtual and real users to the public space increasing and improving the tactical media conversation of the urban areas and districts creating developing networks.

Eventually the possibility to gather the local news daily published on paper into a dynamic digital platform, real-time updating, creates a sustainable chance for the urban ecology.

Innovation in Technology and Service

#SMART intends to contribute to the process of integration of the digital technologies for public information and communication into the urban texture through a sustainable economic development.

Objective of the project is to catalyze the social, interactive participation in the public space through the leading innovation engines: creativity, information and communication technologies, development of a network of networks and cloud computing.

With its social participation intentions and together with the emotional tracking of the city texture, #SMART proposes a process of ludic and creative digital inclusion.

The project composes a wide network of development which aims to become leverage for the glocal innovation in the field of information and communication technology and interactive participation to the public space.

The hypermedia multiplatform is composed by: the mobile freeware application, the hardware installations, the website opensource environment. In this sense it represents the possibility for the digital communities to share information and to act urban interactivity through a development of the Internet of Things, glocally connected.

The entire project is thought to be released as a permanent hypermedia lab for public community. As a free public service and opensource project it underlines the importance of the information and knowledge-based economy.

Benefits of the project to the local community

The installation of interactive and ludic-participative hotspots facilitates the dynamics of digital inclusion by citizenship.

In the deprived urban areas #SMART improves the urban aesthetics in so far as it apposes an interactive sign on the territory which amplifies beneficial effects observed in the “broken windows” theory assuming furthermore a totemic factor as described by the sociologist Michel Maffessoli in his concept of Technomagie. It’s the turning on of a mechanism of active and participative vigilance on the territory by the citizenship.

#SMART creates augmented digital squares for the encounter of the urban users transforming the urban texture into an interactive cognitive landscape.

In the field of public utility services #SMART composes a system that allows to download peculiar news, selected by specific hashtags, (for instance selected keywords about mobility, weather, others, will be found besides the installation on a #SMART sticker list).

Users can decide then to download on their smartphones the whole streaming of news on the specific installation’s area (or neighborhood) or to become real-time “news curators” or “news masters” sorting, editing, enriching and picking the most relevant news and stories on specific georeferenced topics-themes.

Benefits of the project for the city

Better quality of life improving and speeding up the access to information about urban areas mobility.

#SMART moreover facilitates the accessibility of urban areas through the citizens’ ludic-participative interactivity catalyzed by the more attractive public space. This aspect links to the stimulation of the emotional experience of the urban territory.

This way #SMART contributes to the improvement of the image of the City being innovative and forward-looking. The citizen and stakeholder geolocalized digital communities building expressed by #SMART contributes to a sustainable urban informational system and mobility planning.

The approach that aims for the integration of sectors and institutions creates multiple opportunities for: social inclusion, economic development, land-use, environment, safety. in the planning process.

#SMART applies information technology in ways that result in greater participation in the context of the contemporary growing knowledge-based society. This way it participates actively in the project of the Digital Inclusion in the smart cities.