The wireless device for digital painting and generative sounds

Painteractive! is the multimedia interactive system for videopainting and play sounds with traditional painting tools.

To change the perspective of traditional painting colors on canvas; to augment the perception of the act of painting; to go across the largest available number of media re-mixing them togheter; to make the people have fun and think on how much ways are around to combine things to make something evolving: this, the concept and the research paths.

To investigate possibilities; to keep the look on virtuality, as conceptualized by Pierre Lvy; to keep the look on Rhizome, as the idea of thought developing after Deleuze and Derrida discoveries: this, the practical approach.

At the end share research and knowledge, ask questions, make connections, go near the borders and pass through or, when possible, destroy them.

Painteractive! Manifesto

Make your visual art be naked,
open the matter,
recombine the technologies,
remix the media,

Painteractive! System

Three tools compound the specific interactive system:


Painteractive! represents a first dowel in the mosaic-project T.A.I. Terapia dʼArte Interattiva (Interactive Art Therapy).
It supposes, at the first level of analysis, to start investigating the possibilities around the connection between the human health and wellness and the multimedia interactive art.

It is the concept about creating site specific interactive environments with real-time, generative, multimedia contents reacting to the people that are living and acting those environments.
Painteractive! following this path borns as tool for experimenting the friendly approach of people with technological tools mediated by artistic approach and research.

A simple interface allows whoever to start painting and play r/t electronic music in less then one minute. This the time needed to connect the wireless tools and click few clever toggles on the window of Painteractive! 0.1 software.

Since its first presentation for public audience in February 2010 at Steim (Amsterdam), Painteractive! was tryed by more then hundreds people. After briefs, few intructions, multi-aged people are able to use it, especially children.

The functions of the tools are pretty intuitive and people show surprise after approaching the digital exploitation of traditional, wood-made tools. This, what gathered after observing the smiling approach of people trying Painteractive!