Hortus Mirabilis

A festival of light for Noto

A project by Luca Ruzza - OpenLab Company with Laura Colombo, Pasquale Direse and Daniela Dispoto.

Realized by Fondazione Teatro Vittorio Emanuele di Noto. In the project Spazio Teatro: RAY OF LIGHT - the immaterial scene, Faculty of Architecture of Siracusa - course Spazio Teatro directed by Prof. Vittorio Fiore. In collaboration with course of Scenography, Academy of Fine Arts, Noto - directed by Pier Paolo Midolo. With the participation of the students of the courses and the Community of Noto - Culture Dep.

A festival of light for Noto.
A formative project with a residential workshop addressed to the students and which involves artists, scientists, university docents, characters of the cultural scene on the relationship between theatre and the city, on the reappropriation and redevelopment of the urban and social space through the theatre.

The project involves the setup of virtual scenographies, flexible and reversible, in specific locations of the historical centre of the city, with the use of digital media. A way to overcome the borders between genres and expressive languages which characterizes the recent artistic production, also where lacking bodies and words.

A "hortus mirabilis", which shows a dramaturgic plot which every spectator can interpret.
The use of digital and multimedia technologies leads to tell stories, inevitably harnessed in an architectural and decorative pattern of the hosting building, erasing, evidencing or augmenting reality with the sapient use of the video and body mapping techniques.

The spectator discovers or re-looks, under a new fashion, an unknown lateral facet of the Cathedral of Noto, in the oblique and dynamic perspective offered by the theory of the cupole which ends with two twins bell towers, visible only from the terrace of Palazzo Trigona, privileged point of view of the urban baroque structure of Noto; the courtyards revisited by immaterial light projections of Palazzo Astuto and Palazzo Nicolaci.