Aquatic environment

An aquatic sound environment where the spectator is able to control a water fall with her body never coming in touch with the drops of water.

The spectator enters an environment where the range of freedom is amplified: the water flow is controlled by the body moving in the space.

Humankind has the power to control nature when nature becomes the unicum of the objects surrounding.

To overcome the dualism of human and natural environment as separate entities means to look at reality as complexity and to nature as the unique overall flow of the multiple facets of the same reality.

Water is the basic element of life in nature.

It is the millenary matter and map of the flux of humanity and is the first component of all the known forms of life. Is the duality of the molecules composing it and the power of the link between these.

Availability of water is the primary issue of humankind. The human community aim concerns controlling the environment to keep the harmony of life.