PAP - Public Art Producer

Public Art Producer is an art experiment.

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It plays on the rule of money in contemporary art system and on the exigency to create a work of public art. PAP is an art object that produces public art. It consists of a transparent box containing its cost of production in currency. To start with an idea are just needed few "bucks".

Art Producer is a provocation. It's the disembodiment of the figure of the art for collectors and galleries to become a transparent object as a feedback loop producer for art projects.

The artwork sells itself with an online contract where the rule is to resell the piece at an exponential price, with the only possibility to invest its money into the production of a new public artwork.

It is an analog receiver (the box), that stores random access data (money), that outputs art each time a new idea of public art has to be funded by enlightened patrons who want to own the new piece of art created by an artist selected by the new owner herself.

PAP is the idea of an artwork catalyzer of new artworks. It points at the economical aspect of the art production to underline the folds in which contemporary art system falls in many cases exceeding personal interests and particular fetishism.

PAP is the possibility to "stretch" the trust among humankind to contribute and collaborate for a better world through the medium of open, public art production.

Public Art Producer is an experiment of hypermedia art with the non profit aim of producing, through the medium of art, new art projects made for public spaces, and freely accessible by anybody.

Public Art Producer aims to create new open spaces where the quest is for new patrons with an eye on the public thing, and the research is for art projects with open access, without the boundaries offered by the system of Art in the world.