PAP - Public Art Producer


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PAP is an object of art that sells itself for the exclusive production of public art projects solely through its exhibition in art galleries and museums.

PAP is a plexiglass cube, locked through a chain to the wall, which shows inside the costs of production of the object itself in the currency of the State where it is hosted.

The PAP box contains a slot where to introduce the money of a new purchasing. It has a port locked with a padlock which keys are kept by the artist involved into the last public art project funded.

The sale of PAP is ruled by a contract stipulated on a website specifically created, compiling a form and paying the amounted price of sale in cash money inside the slot of the box.

The website shows in real time the actual owner of the artwork and the length of time passed since her purchase of the ouevre.

A button on the webpage with the actual owner's name and surname (or nickname on choice), access the purchasing session and module which application will end with a copy of the contract sent via email address of the new owner of the artwork.

Ownership: the sign of the online contract and the cash payment of the actual price of the object of art PAP witness the ownership of the new actual purchaser.

Such ownership is not defined by the personal interest of the property but from the first and solely aim of producing public artworks, freely accessible by everybody in public spaces. At this scope:

  1. the owner of the artwork PAP cannot move the artwork from its installation location.
  2. the owner of the artwork PAP cannot decide on the sale of the product. This means that at any time the property of the artwork is subject to change from an owner to the next, in base of the new offer on the actual price of the artwork.
  3. the only possible use of the money gathered by the box of PAP is the investment of all of them into the production of a project of public art to be funded and realized by the actual owner of PAP.
  4. the owner has free choice on the artists and artworks that will be commissioned by the owner at any time of detention of the ownership.
  5. the first owner that buys the artwork at a price superior to 5000 euro is required to invest those money in the production of a public artwork by the artist creator of PAP. The artwork project called DROPS, will be an artwork produced by the actual owner of the arwork PAP.
  6. the expense of the amount of the actual money for the production of a public artwork brings back the price to the cost of production of the artwork PAP generating a new cycle of purchasing.