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√isualpaco (aka Pasquale Direse) is an independent artist, interaction designer, network developer.
E-merges in the digital universe as VJ performer in 2007 revealing the necessity to express his art’s need by remixed media. Soon he presents an original style that finds space in several electronic music festivals and clubs with VJ sets arranged together with artists including Jeff Mills, P-toile, Mike Parker, Ellen Allien.

The performative research becomes soon chance for a deeper encounter with new media cultures. In 2008 the first art exhibition with the work “B.A.M.B.O.O. video” at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art, Spoleto and at NeverMind Festival, Rome. He enters in contact with experimental theatre through the immaterial scenographies created by Open Lab Company and with the experience matured in the internship at La Mama ETC during the season 2009 of Festival dei Due Mondi, Spoleto.

In 2009 Pasquale Direse graduates as doctor of Art and Science of Digital Entertainement at Sapienza University of Rome. Further he migrates to the Netherlands where he continues to experiment new media art projects graduating as master of Fine Arts at Hanze University of Groningen.

Here he creates different works and projects which are presented in several exhibitions and performances including Piemonte pavillion of Venice Biennale Art 2011, ArtVerona 2010 and 2011, Video and Photography Biennale of Alessandria, Gogbot Festival 2011 in Enschede, Miart 2011 (Milan), Live Performers Meeting in Rome, Kunstvlaai and Singularity Technology by Planet Art in Amsterdam, Videozone Festival in Empoli, Hanze University and RUG University of Groningen, The Night of Art and Science 2010 and 2011, Groningen.

During 2011 √isualpaco collaborates as immaterial set designer in the theatre show Natura Sonoris by Open Lab Company.
The complex networks and systems, the social media impact on reality, the theatre, the transmediated biofeedback, the body-projection mapping, the physical computing and the neuroaesthetics are some of the fields of interest that cross √isualpaco’s artistic experience and speculative research.

In 2012 √isualpaco teaches video projection mapping techniques as collaborator of the prof. Luca Ruzza (Sapienza University) in the course of “Theatre Space” at the faculty of Architecture of Catania University.
In the same year he receives the nomination for the Living Labs Global Awards with the project #SMART for urban hypermedia communication. He actively collaborates as hypermedia and interaction designer with Media Haka, network science collective based in Barcelona.

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Pasquale Direse (aka √isualpaco) is an independent artist.
visualpaco.com is a way to:



is a net experimental project made by Pasquale Direse aka √isualpaco. All the rights are reserved.

This website was developed between 2009 and 2010 as a challenge of digital artisanship to dive and learn
languages and idioms of the World Wide Web and to experiment the creative possibilities of the design for the digital networks and architectures.
You can visit all the further creations by Pasquale Direse on MEDIALIZE.IT